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Our Managed Services Team specialise in providing technology support, management and reporting solutions for Dutch organisations. Our team are highly experienced, certified engineers and are available as either an ad-hoc or dedicated resource.

Sapo Blue can provide services above and beyond that of your existing IT staff by taking care of specific issues, projects or scheduled events (eg. system/security audits). Depending on the skills you require, these services can be charged at an hourly rate or on a fixed term contract basis for specific project.

Sapo Blue Managed Services can also provide an entire technical solution for your organisation & virtually become your IT Operations. Sapo Blue can offer these solutions as a hosted solution on our Virtual Data Centre or a in-house managed solution. This allows you to focus on your business rather than the machinery that supports it.

Sapo Blue Managed Services include:

  • Managed Security Gateway (Firewall & Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention)
  • Managed Content Filter
  • Managed VOIP Gateway
  • Managed Zimbra Collaboration Server (Email, Calendar, Instant Messaging & Briefcase)
  • Managed Workgroup Server


Email Support



24x7 Emergency Support

For customers with Hosted Services, Managed Services or Colocation, 24x7 support is provided